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When a company enters a new market, the business needs to gather and assess the necessary information to understand what has happened, market characteristic and what they should respond. Hence, a company need Public Relations to help and create a good image for an Organization.

Public Relations has a particular area of expertise and is needed in all organisations. Our team help and work together alongside with the clients to communicate effectively and efficiently, in order to create mutual understanding between Organisation and its publics.

JDunggioIndonesia is dedicated to provide parallel assistance and support to our clients on Business License, Public Relations & Marketing, Laws & Regulations, Media Monitoring and Government Affairs. From all those aspects, we deliver it together as a "Package of Benefits" to meet the needs of our client for a good corporate identity. 

JDunggioIndonesia strives to create deep and enduring relationships with our customers by discovering their needs and delivering the most relevant services and guidance. Our primary goal is to assist our clients to achieve their business goal by fulfilling their business needs. We accomplish this through a process of consultation, planning and implementation of strategies.

We are looking forward to bring the latest information about Indonesian market and advices from the world of Public Relations.

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Jdunggio Indonesia